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While there is some common ground between Jews and Christians, knowing there are complex issues beneath the surface often make us feel inadequate or fearful of engaging in conversations with Jewish people. In this class we will learn some key starting points for conversation and loving relationships in order to effectively reach our Jewish friends with the good news of Messiah!

  1. Where Did Jews Come From? 
  2. Judaism and Christianity’s Turbulent History
  3. Types of Judaism
  4. Faith & Beliefs
  5. Judaism’s Bible and Other Important Religious Books.
  6. Jewish Holidays: Major days and their meanings to both ancient Jews and modern Jews

YOU, ME & THE BIBLE (Josh Roland)

Learn how to sit down in an informal and conversational way to help friends, neighbors, or coworkers discover the central ideas of the Bible. This study will help you in leading others to understand what it really means to be a Christian. 

  1. God as our Creator and Ruler
  2. Humanity as rebels against God
  3. God’s judgment on our rebellion
  4. Jesus’ death for our sins
  5. Jesus’ resurrection as Lord of all
  6. The twofold response required of us

*Please plan to purchase the workbook for this class. You, Me, and the Bible is available at amazon.com or through the publisher at matthiasmedia.com.

CHURCH BASICS (Scott Ashmore)

What is a church? How is it different than a group of my Christian friends? Is membership even biblical? Who is in charge of it all? When something has been around as long as “church”, flawed opinions and distorted views are bound to form. In the Church Basics class we will learn to think biblically about church and approach it in a way that expresses a true understanding of what Jesus intends for each of His followers. 

  1. ‘Un-thinking’ Church
  2. The Local Church: Heaven’s Embassy to Earth
  3. Affirming, Promoting & Defending the Gospel (Ordinances)
  4. Your Discipleship is a Community Project (Membership)
  5. The Privileges & Responsibility of Church Members
  6. Church Order, Structure, and Authority: How Disciples Are Made & Matured

*High School teens and college students are encouraged to attend the Church Basics Class along with their parents. 

LEBANON 101 (Brian Peterson)

This class gives the details of what it means to become a member of Lebanon Baptist Church. Over the course of these six weeks we will explore the Mission, Message, and Ministry of Lebanon Baptist Church. Come learn the history of our church, see what we believe as a congregation, and investigate the possibility of connecting with us. Current members who have never been through 101 are invited to join the class and be reminded of what God is doing at LBC.

  1. Introduction & The Mission of Lebanon Baptist Church
  2. The History of LBC and what it means to be “Baptist.”
  3. A Look at the Doctrines taught at LBC (Part 1)
  4. A Look at the Doctrines taught at LBC (Part 2)
  5. Great Expectations: What our congregation will expect from you at LBC
  6. Great Expectations: What you can expect from LBC

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